Make every day feel like National Sandwich Day with our keto certified bread swaps! This meal plan has you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snack in between meals with low carb refreshments like veggies & hummus, an Everything Sandwich Rounds with a thin layer of peanut butter or cream cheese, or a slice of sharp cheddar with some almonds.

We love using Broccoli Sandwich Rounds for these sandwiches, but you can change things up with any flavor!

Kickstart your day with this open faced Avocado Eggs Benedict! Between the Broccoli Sandwich Rounds, bacon, avocado, & eggs, you’ll be energized for hours. Not feeling bacon? Sub in tempeh or add extra veggies like tomatoes or alfalfa sprouts!

Pack in extra veggie power with this delicious & nutritious Super Veggie Sandwich for your midday meal. There are 4 servings of vegetables in this sandwich, so you'll feel great and hit your daily intake goal with ease.

Cozy up with our Grilled Cheese & warm homemade soup on this chilly fall night! Check out our recipe for tips to make a simple grilled cheese burst with extra flavor.

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