Super Veggie Sandwich

Our Sandwich Rounds already provide 2 full servings of fresh vegetables per serving, and the added veggie power in this delicious sandwich brings you to 4 servings in one simple meal. Getting more greens in your diet has never been so easy - or delicious!


2 Broccoli Sandwich Rounds

• ½ avocado, smashed & seasoned with salt and pepper

• 1 tbsp red pepper hummus

• ½ tomato, sliced

• 3-5 cucumber slices, sliced in half lengthwise

• 1 tbsp pepperoncini

• Small handful of alfalfa sprouts


1. Lightly toast Sandwich Rounds in the toaster or air fryer

2. Add a layer of smashed avocado to one Sandwich Round & a layer of hummus to the other

3. Add tomato, cucumber, pepperoncini & alfalfa sprouts to one Sandwich Round. Top with the remaining Sandwich Round. Cut in half & enjoy!


240 calories

4g net carbs

10g protein

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