Classic Club Sandwich

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic, and a club sandwich is one of those craveable delights that hit your palate just right. Reminiscent of your favorite diner special, this recipe is yummy to the last crumb. Stacked with our Original Sandwich Rounds and layered with meat, cheese and lettuce, you’ll be loving this satisfying lunch recipe for years to come.


4 Original Sandwich Rounds, toasted

• 2 oz turkey

• 2 oz ham

• 2 slices bacon

• 2 tomato slices

• 2 slices of cheddar cheese

• Green leaf lettuce


1. Assemble the first sandwich in the following layers: Original Sandwich Round, turkey, tomato slices, cheddar slices, Original Sandwich Round

2. Assemble the second sandwich in the following layers: Original Sandwich Round, ham, bacon, lettuce, Original Sandwich Round

3. Cut both sandwiches in half and layer on top of each other. Will make one quadruple decker sandwich or two double decker sandwiches. Enjoy!


500 calories

7g net carbs

47g protein

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