5 Minute Cuban Sandwich

A spin on the cherished ham and cheese sandwich, this Cuban version kicks up the flavor with a combination of savory ham, melty Swiss cheese, crisp pickles and a generous layer of tangy mustard grilled between two slices of our Jalapeño Sandwich Thins. Whip up this sandwich recipe in 5 minutes for a quick and easy lunch that packs in the protein.


• 2 Jalapeño Sandwich Thins, toasted

• 1-2 tbsp yellow mustard

• 2 oz thick sliced ham

• 1 slice Swiss cheese

• Pickles


Assemble in this order: Jalapeño Sandwich Thin, mustard spread, ham, cheese, pickles, and top with the remaining Jalapeño Sandwich Thin


280 calories

2g net carbs

28g protein

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