Low Carb Bread

Low carb just got easier.

Delicious, low carb, Outer Aisle Sandwich Rounds and Pizza Crusts are ready for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack.

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Low Carb Bread

Are you looking for a low-carb bread alternative? Outer Aisle low carb bread is a delicious, convenient, and healthy way to enjoy the taste of bread without all of the carbs.

Low carb is not just for those on the keto diet! Outer Aisle low-carb bread provides all of the taste without any of the guilt - get yours today!

What is Low Carb Bread?

Low Carb Bread is a type of bread that has been altered to have fewer carbohydrates in it. It is typically made with a blend of wheat protein, flaxseed, and oat fiber however, Outer Aisle Sandwich Rounds and Pizza Crusts are made from cauliflower.

Low Carb Bread can be used as an alternative for people who are looking to reduce the number of carbs they are eating or for those who follow specific low-carb diet plans.

Where to Buy Low Carb Bread

Outer Aisle products are available in the freezer section of select grocery stores. We have a Find a Store page where you can find out which stores carry our products or visit the product pages to learn more about what is available through our website.

Earn free shipping on orders over $75 when you buy our Sandwich Rounds, Pizza Crusts, or the Variety Pack online!

Four clean, simple ingredients packing a ton of flavor.

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"I don’t love or hate cauliflower but I LOVE these Sandwich Rounds! You can taste the quality. Plus they’re so healthy, low calorie and great for low carb or Keto diets. I’m about to order my next batch!"

Totally surprised how much I love this product, I recently made a lifestyle change and started to eat healthy and found these. I’ve made pizzas and burgers, and I must say, I really love these since I no longer eat bread. Thank you!"

"Outer Aisle Rounds and Crusts are delicious and have kept me from going ‘off plan’ quite a few times."

Goodbye, carbs. Hello, ketones.

Delicious, nutrient-dense bread swaps made with over 60% fresh cauliflower and ready in under 10 minutes.

Sandwich Rounds

cauliflower sandwich rounds layered over each other

Pizza Crusts

cauliflower pizza crusts stacked on top of each other

Low Carb Bread Recipes

Are you looking for a recipe using low carb bread? Check out all of our favorite low carb recipes using our Cauliflower Sandwich Rounds and Pizza Crusts in our blog!

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