This month you can find Outer Aisle Cauliflower Sandwich Rounds and Pizza Crusts in 1,500 more stores nationwide! 

Great news for those looking to replace gluten and grain-filled breads loaded with carbs and ingredients you can't pronounce. You can find our PLANTPOWER™ keto bread in the following locations beginning next week! Be sure to check our store locator and call the location before your next shopping trip as some stores may be stocking the shelves earlier or later than indicated below. 

Where to Find Outer Aisle Pizza Crusts & Sandwich Rounds

Albertsons, Safeway, Tom Thumb, Randall's: 10/12

  • Original Sandwich Rounds
  • Italian Pizza Crusts
  • Jalapeño Sandwich Rounds
  • Italian Sandwich Rounds

Winn Dixie: 10/15

  • Original Sandwich Rounds
  • Italian Sandwich Rounds
  • Jalapeño Sandwich Rounds

Sprouts: 10/19

  • Original Sandwich Rounds
  • Italian Pizza Crusts

Kroger, QFC, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Fry's, King Soopers, Smith's: 11/15

  • Original Sandwich Rounds
  • Italian Sandwich Rounds


What if I still can't find a store near me?

If you still can't find a store near you, please download our product request form and take it in to your local grocery store. We'll be there in no time. 


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