Low Carb Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast bagel sandwiches are everything, especially when made with our Everything Sandwich Rounds! Feel like a New Yorker with this quick and easy bagel sandwich recipe that will have you waking up early every morning and wanting to take a stroll in the park. 

Toasted and bagel-seasoned Rounds, a crispy and gooey fried egg, a layer of crunchy bacon and a schmear of red pepper cream cheese will jump start your day in just the right way. Keep this comforting breakfast recipe in your back pocket for a chilly day, or any day!


2 Everything Sandwich Rounds, toasted

• 2 tbsp roasted red pepper cream cheese

• 1-2 pieces of crispy bacon

• Sunny side up or fried egg


Assemble in this order: Toasted Everything Sandwich Round, roasted red pepper cream cheese, crispy bacon, egg, and top with the remaining toasted Everything Sandwich Round.⁠


390 calories

6.5g net carbs⁠

21g protein

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