Outer Aisle Gourmet has recreated America's favorite foods with fresh vegetables and other natural ingredients found in the outer aisle of every grocery store. Our innovative veggie bread, veggie pizza crust, veggie pasta and veggie rice are delicious, gluten and nut-free and naturally low in carbs, calories and fat.

Outer Aisle Gourmet Product Reviews:


"OAG products are ingenious! As someone who is very carb conscious, I love that I can "indulge" in cauliflower breads and zucchini pasta without the guilt and extra calories and additives of regular starches. And what a great way to get in all your veggies for the day! Awesome products!!"

Catherine B. - Baton Rouge, LA

"What sets the Outer Aisle product line apart from most other healthy alternatives is the taste. Not only are these products healthy vegetable alternatives, but there is no sacrifice when it comes to taste. These products will revolutionize the food industry as we know it!"

Stacey F. - Santa Barbara, CA

"Thank you so much for coming up with such a wholesome and innovative product…. I’ve had fun creating different recipes to go with the products AND I no longer feel guilty eating a sandwich. Today I picked up some Sun Dried Tomato Pesto with Pine Nuts to go on the veggie pizza crust, YUM. Guilt free, healthy eating without all the calories…. LOVE IT."

Kim N. - Goleta, CA

"I am a true blue carnivore so was skeptical of OAG products. After trying the veggie pasta, rice, and bread in delicious combinations of pizza (the bread), Kung Pao chicken (the rice), and a creamy pasta sauce (veggie pasta), I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I enjoy the taste, but had the added peace of mind knowing I was eating more nutritiously and with a much lower fat content. Thank you OAG for giving me a healthy, delicious, and versatile option."

Karen G. - Santa Barbara, CA

"Outer Aisle veggie bread has earned a permanent place in our refrigerator for sandwich making and mini pizzas. When we eliminated bread from our diet we were at a loss for something on which to build our sandwiches; lettuce leaves simply did not hold it all together. How thrilled we were the time we made our first veggie bread sandwich and there was no going back after that. A natural progression has been to use veggie rice after its' creation and we particularly like it for our shrimp creole. Our family receipt for spaghetti is now excitingly used on the veggie pasta to our great delight and satisfaction. At a time in our lives when we have decided we had to lose weight these products have been a God send."

Glynne and Gillian C. - Montecito, CA

"I love healthy foods that taste good and make life easy! Outer Aisle’s products are the answer for me! The veggie pasta and rice cook up in minutes. I use them exactly as I would the grain choices and my family and I feel great afterwards. No bloating or sluggishness that comes from eating heavy pasta and rice. The veggie bread and pizza crust are also delicious and make eating sandwiches and pizza guilt free. And since I’m an outer aisle shopper, I love the name! "

Brenda F., Mom - Santa Paula, CA

"Freshman year of college I started suffering from different digestion issues and major stomach pain. My junior year I was diagnosed with Candida, an overgrowth of yeast in my small intestine. Western Medicine wasn't helping at all, so I set out to heal myself through naturally through diet. I went on a very specific diet, called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, where I couldn't eat any grains for an entire year. As you can imagine it was very difficult to give up foods like bread, pasta, rice, and quinoa (foods I had enjoyed my entire life). The past few months I've been able to enjoy Outer Aisle Gourmet, and can't imagine how helpful it would have been to have products like these when I was on such a specific diet. It has been absolutely incredible to be able to whip up a SUPER healthy pasta dish in a matter of minutes and know that I'm eating something not only delicious, but great for me! I LOVE Outer Aisle Gourmet, and am super thankful for how easy these products make eating healthy!"

Whitney E. - Santa Barbara, CA

"I love Outer Aisle Gourmet! It is guilt free eating and test even better than the real carbs. I feel light, but well satisfied after eating your product. I highly suggest you try it , not just for the health benefits but the taste!"

Sue P. - Santa Barbara, CA

"As a life long carbo-junkie I’m always looking for healthy alternatives. Outer Aisle Gourmet foods satisfies that craving with delicious whole food options"

M.J. B. - Santa Barbara, CA

"Outer Aisle Gourmet.... one word... AMAZING!!! All of their products are simply amazing! I have four kids and they all LOVE the veggie pasta and we're having so much fun creating individualized specialty pizzas! It's healthy and it tastes great... I couldn't ask for more! Thank you Outer Aisle Gourmet!!!"

Theresa B. - Santa Barbara, CA

"Outer Aisle products are a staple in my diet and have really filled a need I had.
I enjoy all of my favorite foods without that heavy feeling that bread and pasta can give.
I generally have more energy and feel great overall!"

Jillian L. - Santa Barbara, CA

"I love Outer Aisle Gourmet! Their appealing bread substitutes leave me feeling energized and healthy. Not only are they delicious, but their products are highly beneficial."

Danise O. - Santa Ynez, CA



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